Sasha Huber: April 1 - May 2

photo by Siro Micheroli, copyright Sasha Huber

Rentyhorn - The Intervention

Sasha Huber's multi-media work focuses on issues of identity in relation to the Caribbean Diaspora. Rentyhorn is the video component of an intervention that aims to re-claim the Swiss peak Agassizhorn for Renty, an African-American slave. Renty was part of the research by Swiss naturalist Louis Agassiz after whom the peak is officially named. Agassiz commissioned daguerrotypes of slaves, including Renty, which he used in developing the theory of "scientific racism", a classification system that was popular among those who sought to justify slavery. Huber is herself of Swiss-Haitian descent. She lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. More about here work can be found here.