March 11 - 31: Mondo March

Production still 
Mondo horror shoot
Spring 2006

Every semester since 2004, students in Kevin Everson's cinematography classes at UVA have written, starred in, shot, and edited films in the Mondo tradition.  Six years of Mondo filmmaking have resulted in a collection of short films that dare to impress, disgust, amuse and even move viewers.  Emblazoned by the patron saints of the Gudter - John Waters, Paul McCarthy, and the Andy Warhol Factory films, among others - the Library Niche presents nineteen of the best Mondo cuts.  Programmed by Andrew Mausert-Mooney.

Mondo cuts by:
Jamie Williams
Konstantin Brazhnik and Purim Jung
Julia Pontecorvo and Mina Karimi
Advanced film class, 2006
Smokey Robinson and Leslie Buker
Diana Cole and Andrew Mausert-Mooney
Jessie Katz and Nicholas Bacon
Christina Tkacik and Emily Hamel
Elena Coyle and Virginia Moore
Katie Gar Smith (x2)
Ashley Chipman and Alex Campbell
Johathan Taee
Sean Kelly and Jeanne Cupper
John Lorenzo (x2)
Tory Hanabury and Mia Magruder
Yasminica Wilson and Ranjan Khan
Rita Xia