Takahisa "Mergrim" Mitsumori - February 11 - March 14

Mergrim is Takahisa Mitsumori- experimental sound artist, electronic musician, beatmaker, and DJ.
He is the founder of Moph Records, an electronic music label based in Tokyo Japan, and the organizer of Different Directions, a monthly DJ showcase in Shibuya.
The below four collaborative pieces are on loop, playing all this month, February 11 - March 14.
Come check it out!

Director: Junichi Akagawa
2014 trt4:56

Visuals: Makoto Yabuki
2011 trt3:09

Beautiful Corruption
Visuals: Masato Tsutsui
2011 trt4:16

Unending Chain feat. yuanyuan
Direction: Yasuhiro Kobari
CG Design: Takeshi Naito
Production & CGI: Triple Additional
2013 trt5:29

Come on down to the Niche and enjoy these pieces with incredible personal surround sound.

More info can be found here:
Moph Records
Different Directions